Aura Software Company was established in İzmir in 2004 to produce AD/DC and mobile practice solutions. It has experienced industrial software power producing mobile applications, barcode technologies, and RF-ID solutions in the EEMA region. Its main activity areas include manufacturing planning and industrial management systems, logistic management processes, product, and stock management, mobile practices, B2B applications, RF-ID logistic solutions, project management, software consultancy, and support services.

Q-Flow QA business tracking software solution (RCA), Fishbone
MQX Material Quality Excellence & Supplier Management
Blue-X Enhancing quality experiences for Blue Collar
Q-One Shop Floor Quality System
C-One Integrated Chemical Lab System
S&F (n) Scope & Feasibility for innovations by Technology Park
4PL4ALL International Logistics System
One Leaf From field to shipment end2end agriculture system
WHTracker Tracking finished goods supported IoT
Solity Soil Analysis & Auto Recommendation
Blue-P Business Performance System for Blue Collar
A+ VGM VGM & Gate In/Out Operations
A-Trans e-Invoice, e-Waybill, e-Receipt
BMS Real-Time Budget Management
P&L-One Production Planning, WMS Solution